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Send Alarm Notifications over T1 via SNMP or other Protocol

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A recent development in T1 site monitoring has made choosing between bad alternatives a thing of the past. These new additions to the monitoring landscape are T1-capable RTUs, and the good ones can do everything you need (and more) in a single, cost-effective device.

Now you can see what's going on at your orphaned remote sites. By installing these remotes at all of your T1 sites, even those that are small, you're making an important investment in mission-critical network visibility. Not only will you gain alarming, but you'll have access to your site equipment via Ethernet.

When a problem occurs, you won't waste time and resources locating the source. Instead of rolling a tech for hours without really understanding the problem, you'll identify it immediately from your central office, enabling swift and purposeful action to minimize any impact to your revenue-generating uptime. In many cases, problems can be fixed before they grow into outages. A compact and versatile T1-capable remote can often pay for itself by preventing just one incident.

Advanced T1 remotes can communicate via SNMP or other protocols. Simply deploy these remotes within an advanced monitoring system, and they will be able to communicate alarm information to your master, using SNMP or another protocol of your choice.

Alarms will travel from the remote, across the T1 WAN, where they are directed to a T1 to IP router. Further traveling along the LAN, these alarms can now be sent to a PC or to multiple SNMP managers.

Billy Young - Consolidated Communications
Billy Young
Central Office Engineer
Consolidated Communications
Consolidated Communications Finds the Perfect Fit

Voice, data, and video services provider Consolidated Communications is enhancing its monitoring with a custom-engineered DPS remote. NetGuardians have already protected Consolidated's network during times of natural disaster, and the versatile new NetGuardian 216T provides FrameRelay/T1 support.

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