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Export SNMP Alarms as Delimited ASCII Text for Data Analysis

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Export SNMP Alarms as Delimited ASCII Text for Data Analysis

Capture SNMP Alarm Data as ASCII Text for Recording and Analysis

Your network alarm record is a tremendous resource of information about network events. Analysis of this data can help you pinpoint persistent trouble spots and anticipate and prevent future problems.

You can obtain access to this information resource by mediating your alarm data to ASCII text. An advanced master can export alarm data from your SNMP remotes to a delimited text file. The exported alarm data can be imported into a database or spreadsheet application, where it can be graphed and analyzed.

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What Do You Want To Do With SNMP?

  1. Mediate SNMP and Other Protocols
  2. Display SNMP Alarm Data at Your NOC and in Your Web Browser
  3. Monitor Discrete, Analog, and Ping Alarms via SNMP
  4. Automatically Dispatch Repair Personnel
  5. Control Remote Equipment via SNMP
  6. Use Dial-Up Connections to Link SNMP Remotes to LAN
  7. Find the SNMP Alarm Monitoring Capacity That's Right for Your Size Site
  8. Use T1 Connection to Link SNMP Remotes to LAN

What Do You Want To Learn About SNMP?

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