Inside Sales

At DPS, we design and sell telecom monitoring equipment. Our gear helps companies prevent service outages. This reduces their costs and keeps their paying customers happy.
Since 1986, DPS has been protecting landline phone networks, wireless phone networks, electricity and natural gas, train and subway service, and even life-saving services like 911 dispatch, police, fire, and hospitals.

We have one job opening for an Inside Phone Sales Rep:
  • Work in our Fresno office with full salary and benefits
  • Receive a daily call list from our existing client database (no cold calling or door-to-door sales)
  • Take inbound calls from clients (our website generates lots of interested inbound callers)
  • Instantly transfer technical questions to a design engineer (technical expertise is not required)
The ideal candidate for this job will:
  • Be a fearless outbound caller dialing more than 60 calls every day.
  • Have a clear, confident speaking voice on the phone
  • Work effectively from call scripts and flow charts.
  • Listen to clients carefully, sometimes identifying unmentioned concerns from the clients tone of voice.
  • Learn some basic information about our industry through on-the-job training (our engineers will always handle the really technical stuff for you).
  • Be able to start within 2 weeks