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FAA Lighting Towers Rule: You Must Monitor Obstruction Lights

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How and why FCC Regulations Affect You

FAA legislation and strict standards have drawn attention to the benefits of implementing high-quality monitoring solutions.

It also brings forth the argument that alarm monitoring is more critical in its application for antenna towers than any other area of your network.

By taking a look at just two of the lighting tower rules from the FCC's regulations for tower light monitoring, you will be able to see how implementing a monitoring system can offer a solution to growing FAA concerns among tower owners.

How The FCC's Lighting Towers Rule Set Affects You

Sec. 17.47- Inspection of antenna structure lights states that the owner of any antenna structure must make an observation of antenna's lights at least once every 24 hours.

Sec. 17.48- Notification of extinguished lights. This regulation requires immediate notification of any extinguishment or improper functioning of any burning light or any flashing obstruction light.

Protect Your Profits - Ensure compliance with FAA Lighting Towers Rules

You can't ensure compliance with FAA Lighting Towers Rules without an effective high-quality monitoring solution.

A high-quality monitoring system with automatic paging capability will relieve you of having to maintain a constant vigil at your tower location as expressed by 17.47 of the FAA lighting towers rule. Advanced remote site monitoring equipment will alert you automatically when your tower lights go out.

To see additional information related to high quality monitoring systems, please visit the Network Elements page. Related Topics:
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