T1 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition: Remote Monitoring and Control via T1 WAN

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T1 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is another way of saying "T1 Alarm Monitoring".

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A T1 SCADA solution transports Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition taffic via a T1 WAN. A key advantage of a T1 SCADA solution is the ability to monitor sites that are outside of your existing LAN. Additionally, you can bring Ethernet to other devices on site. And with a SCADA device that only requires 1 rack unit of space, you get all of the functionality you need without eating precious space in your enclosures.


This diagram depicts the fundamental structure of a T1 WAN monitored with a T1 SCADA device.

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NetGuardian 216T
To see additional information related to T1 SCADA, please view the T1 Alarm Monitoring page.
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