DPS Telecom At UTC 2017

On May 10-11, visit the DPS Booth at the UTC (Utilities Telecom Council) 2017 show in Charlotte, NC. Andrew and Mark will be on hand to discuss the problems you're facing in your network. It's also your chance to see DPS equipment in person.

We have a well-established background in the utilities sector, so attending was an easy choice for us. This is an ideal conference to attend if you work for a utility, but it should also interest anyone who needs network monitoring.

DPS Remote Monitoring Booth

If you want to meet face-to-face with the alarm monitoring experts, this is your big opportunity in Q2 - when you still have time to plan for your 2017 purchasing.

But visiting the DPS has another advantage: seeing DPS equipment operating live. Stop by the booth to check out the equipment and DPS Telecom's easy-to-use Web Browser interface.

Call 1-800-622-3314 to schedule an appointment at the DPS booth. This way, we'll be ready with fully customized information for you when you arrive.

For more information about DPS @ UTC Telecom 2017...

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