The Protocol - Sep/Oct 2000

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Paul Velasquez - In-house Design Team Produces Fast Prototypes

Paul Velasquez
Paul Velasquez

Remarkable employees make for a remarkable company. Paul Velasquez designs the metal cases used for DPS devices. "Our job is to come up with new ideas and new designs for the future," explained Paul.

Redesigning the NetGuardian was his first major project. He decided to redesign the speaker, bringing it up front where it can be more easily heard. "We try to make the new designs something the customer will enjoy, something eye-catching," said Paul.

Paul went to the top mechanical design trade school in 1991 and has been in the field ever since. Now he works with Don Randall, DPS Manager of Special Projects, taking a new case from the preliminary ideas to finished product in a very quick time frame.

"Because we have the technology to do whatever the customer needs, I can take care of the whole project in-house," said Paul. "If we had to go outside for metal, we'd have to wait." Paul can take a rough sketch and design new screen art, new cases and make a finished prototype with DPS resources.

"Mr. Berry brought me a drawing on a napkin, right after meeting with a customer. We made the box out of sheet metal, and had the design finished that afternoon. The silk screening was done the next morning, in time for the customer to see it again," related Paul. "It was exactly what the customer wanted, and that's why DPS is so successful, because we can respond so quickly and do exactly what our customer needs."