President's Letter - June 2010

Eric Storm, President of DPS Telecom
Eric Storm

At DPS, new products and features happen all the time. Whether it's creating a "perfect-fit" solution for a specific network or adding new functionality via firmware updates, we keep our Engineering Team very busy.

This month, however, we're introducing something special. It's a new RTU that's designed especially for server rooms and data closets. We call it the TempDefender IT.

To create this new remote, we took the durable architecture of the NetGuardian, added the core monitoring features that IT managers expect, then added a few new things we've never seen before on this kind of product.

If you have a server room or data center, contact your DPS sales representative to discuss the new TempDefender IT.

These last two months have been very big with other new product development, client enhancements, and more "perfect fit solutions". Every time we do one of these projects, it not only addresses a specific need for one of our clients, but the benefits ripple between our current and future user base.

As we come out with new technology that allows you to have more choices, do new things, and to protect every widening sphere of your network, everybody wins. Even the local economy, as we've added some new members to our engineering team to help address these new opportunities.

Until next time,

Eric Storm, President of DPS Telecom