Employee Profile

Mark Carberry - Client-Oriented Engineering

Mark Carberry
“I enjoy being part
of the creation of products
that meet clients' needs.”

Mark Carberry

Mark Carberry is the lead engineer behind many of DPS Telecom's most popular products. He has worked on the development of the NetGuardian, the NetMediator, the DAC-P, the DAC-D, the NetGuardian SiteCAM, the NetGuardian GLD, and numerous other projects.

Mark says that the experience of building these best-selling products has greatly broadened his engineering and programming skills, but more important, working closely with clients during the development process has deepened his appreciation of how the end product affects the client's operations.

Mark's dedication to solving client problems through innovative engineering has been instrumental in reaching our goal of exceeding client expectations. Mark is always willing to put his expertise and enthusiasm to work for you.

phone: (800) 693-0351
fax: (559) 454-1688
email: mcarberry@dpstele.com