The Integrated Solution For Monitoring All Your Revenue-Generating Equipment Via SNMP

Monitoring All Your Revenue-Generating Equipment via SNMP
NetGuardian 832A

The NetGuardian 832A - Versatile Functionality for Total Site Management

The NEBS-certified, LAN-based NetGuardian 832A is a comprehensive alarm collection solution for all your monitoring needs. With 32 ping alarms, 32 discrete alarms, eight analog alarms, and eight controls, the NetGuardian is designed to provide total site management. With this single, compact, one-rack-unit-sized device, you can verify that your IP network devices are online, your legacy telecommunications equipment is operating normally, and environmental conditions at your site are optimal.

Made for SNMP, The NetGuardian for SNMP reports alarms as SNMP traps to any SNMP manager, and supports multiple SNMP managers at multiple IP addresses.

With a multi-capable remote like the NetGuardian, you can monitor all the various equipment at your remote site with one remote, saving valuable rack space for revenue-generating equipment.

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