Receive E-Mail Notification Of Alarms

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Receive E-Mail Notification of Alarms

Notifications Right in Your Inbox

E-mail notification reports alarm events to the e-mail addresses of specified personnel and creates a supplemental record of alarm events in addition to your master's. E-mail is also a great way to keep senior supervisors informed of alarm events. The familiar e-mail interface provides network visibility to everyone without the need for specialized training. E-mail notifications also support acknowledging alarms by sending a reply e-mail.

Receive Pager Notifications Directly From Remotes

An advanced, full-featured RTU can independently send e-mail notifications directly to technicians, even if your master or SNMP manager doesn't support e-mail.

This is a convenient way to add e-mail notifications to your network monitoring without going to the trouble and expense of replacing your master. And it's a great way to filter alarms; the remote is provisioned only with the e-mail addresses of the personnel responsible for the site, so they receive only the alarm notifications they need to see.

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