LAN-Based Monitoring For Sites Without LAN Access

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LAN-Based Monitoring for Sites Without LAN Access

Connect to Your LAN using Dial-Up and PPP

Your distant remote sites may not have LAN access, but you can still monitor them through your LAN. In this application, a remote sends alarms via dial-up modem to a PPP server, which transmits the data over LAN to the master. Because dial-up connections can be costly, the PPP connection can be configured to only initiate a connection when an alarm condition occurs.

If the LAN later is expanded to include this remote site, this remote can be connected directly to the LAN, making this is an ideal set-up for growing networks. When LAN access is available, the dial-up path can be used as a backup reporting method in case the primary LAN access fails.

The CellVoice 4 has LAN and Dialup capabilities.

(Other supported transports include 202 modem, RS-232, RS-422/485, and FSK modem.)

Related Prods Show Me Products That Do This ...

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