Filter Nuisance Alarms With Qualification Times

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Filter Nuisance Alarms with Qualification Times

Eliminate Staff Distractions and Ensure Serious Problems Are Treated Seriously

Nuisance alarms - nagging notifications of unimportant events - can have a crippling effect on your network monitoring. When your staff must constantly acknowledge alarms that don't represent serious problems, they become desensitized and start to believe that no alarm is serious. When this attitude takes root your staff will stop responding even to critical alarms, and a serious threat to your network can go unreported and uncorrected.

Many nuisance alarms are caused by intermittent, oscillating events that are usually self-correcting. For example, an alarm point may momentarily activate from time to time, but it doesn't represent a real problem unless the alarm stays activated for a continuous five minutes. But your staff is not going to watch the alarm with a stopwatch in hand. They'll just think "that @#$% thing again!" and ack it without another thought.

An advanced RTU can stop that problem at the source. In the application shown here, the RTU watches the alarm with its own stopwatch, an internal real-time clock. Momentary oscillations are not reported to the NOC, but alarm events that meet the qualification time are reported. And your staff, trusting that the alarm is genuine, takes immediate action.

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