Central Alarm Aggregation For MODBUS, TL1, And...

T/Mon Slim Overview
T/Mon SLIM monitors SNMP, ASCII, MODBUS, TL1 and many Legacy protocols....

Equipment Used:

  • T/Mon SLIM alarm master

How This Application Works:

This solution features the T/Mon SLIM master station that will provide a central aggregation point and alarm notification for you or your client's network. It comes complete with our new GFX graphical interface.

You will notice our AQL Software Module, and an optional Wall Transformer.

This will provide you with a war room display and easy-to-use push button alarm viewing. Additional software modules can be added now or in the future to enhance your master station such as; SNMP, ASCII, MODBUS, TL1 and many Legacy protocols.

With a maximum capacity of 64 network devices, the T/Mon SLIM will be able to monitor all of DPS Telecom alarm remotes without adding additional software.